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If Confucius lived in our time, the words “The quieter you go, the further you'll get” could have belonged to him. But, since the esteemed philosopher is now out of the access zone, we will take on such a responsibility and adapt the proverb to modern realities! Who are we? Yes, this is a pertinent question. Ressormarket is a car that has been steadily rolling the roads of the wholesale and retail sales of auto parts for commercial vehicles for 21 years! During the time we reached adulthood, (according to the global trend), the company managed to establish close ties with many manufacturers of high-quality spare parts with affordable prices, mainly Turkish and Chinese production.The days when Turkey and China were associated and corresponded to stereotypes have sunk into oblivion; now they are worthy representatives of the industry! As a result, we have more than 20 direct contracts with manufacturers.You understand everything - it’s straightforward in Africa too: there are no markups, overpayments, or excessive waiting times: the assortment is wide, high-quality, available for purchase when you need it, at a price that will not break a mean male tear. Since 1998, we have been breaking stereotypes and opening new roads - and we are on your way!

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- Give me an autograph!- I do not have a pen!- You can buy from me!When we talked and wrote that we do not just sell, but we sell in a quality manner; we sell in such a way that you would like to return to us and work with us, we did not deceive.Customer focus: this is what, among other things, occupies our heads. And, as they say, if you go somewhere, you can come somewhere: we have come to the realization of how to make life easier for our customers!Meet - our updated online store, operating on a special platform for wholesale sales B2BStore.What is the point?Each of you, our customers, has his own personal account, which allows you:see all the relevant information 24/7 - promotions, new items, a stable assortment, prices, balances, availability;personal contracts, orders, personal prices, basket, balance of payments;you can order the goods of interest online in a few clicks at any time of the day or night - if you know exactly what you want, there is no need to call the manager - the placed order comes to him automatically, your task is to receive confirmation of the order and wait for it!the adaptive design will allow you to absolutely calmly do things, not only sitting at a laptop or computer, but also using a smartphone or tablet - a full range of devices for your comfort!and much, much, much more ..No time to explain! Need to try!

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Our company invites business partners - organizations,engaged in the sale of auto parts and repair of commercial vehicles. We consider all options for mutually beneficial relations and look forward to long-term and fruitful cooperation. Having decided to cooperate with us, you can count on discounts and high quality of the goods offered. For more information FEEL FREE to contact us.
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