About the company

People can be divided into two types: those who look forward to the windshield of their car, and those who constantly look at the rear-view mirror. © Nicholas Sparks.

And while you are thinking about this deep thought, we want to insert our five cents - this kind of philosophical thought is visited those who have no problems with either the windshield or the rear view mirror! :-)

And have no other problems with their cars - and in this thread we will give odds to any philosopher!We are the company Ressormarket, since 1998 (think only - from the time when people were still not sure of the new millennium!), we work confidently and hard to ensure that your traffic on the roads is pleasant, safe, maximally comfortable - we help, we are the time-tested support!

For twenty-one years (sounds impressive, right?), we negotiated with innumerable suppliers and outbids; we searched, checked, bought, tested spare parts; went into direct contacts with manufacturers; monitored and analyzed; screened and hired - the result is that today we have more than 20 direct contacts with manufacturers.

As they say, you will not praise yourself - no one will praise: we do not believe in that, but if you can praise, why not praise - the manufacturers with whom we are working are tested and really selected among others.

The manufacturers we work with provide the right quality and quantity of spare parts that our customers require.

We, in turn, give our customers real service, support, advice, go to meet and fulfill their requests.

And now a few details: we are interested for you if you are interested in auto parts for commercial vehicles of such brands as:










Our range includes:

Springs and stepladders. In the presence of more than 300 types of leaf spring.

Wheel rims with a diameter of R16, R17.5, R19.5, R22.5.

Rubber products. Shock absorber bushings, spring bushings, spring silent blocks, stabilizer bushings, stabilizer pillows, gaskets and chippers springs, engine mountings, gearbox mountings, stabilizer repair kits.

Pneumatic system parts. Repair kits for valves, floor level cranes, CCGT, brake taps, hand brake taps, accelerator valves, four-circuit valves, moisture separators, modulators, pressure limiting valves, brake force regulators, silencers, sensors, main valves, pedal brake valves, bypass valves, unloading valves , emergency clearance valves, trailer brake control valves, door taps, floor level traction.

Clutch discs and baskets, release bearings

Outboard bearings with a diameter of 30mm-100mm.

Clutch slave and clutch master cylinders

Universal joints

Cooling radiators

Water pumps

Viscous couplings

Expansion tanks

Corrugations and radiator pipes

Shock absorbers

Suspension arms

Wheel fasteners

Repair kits for pivots


Oil seals

Electrical equipment

FiltersEngine parts

Compressor parts

Alternator belts

Headlights and lanterns

Brake pads and linings

Repair kits for calipers

Brake discs and rams

Power accumulators and brake chambers

Ratchets and repair kits

Steering rods and tips

Fuel pumps

Details of the exhaust system.

The advantages of our company is that, in addition to the range and the opportunity to buy the right one of the above, we are REALLY customer-oriented.

We offer convenient payment methods:

In cash

Bank transfer (including VAT and without VAT)


Payment by Visa, MasterCard

Convenient delivery methods, which are carried out on the territory of Ukraine within three days:

Nova Pochta




Night express




Support and Warranty.

Summarizing - if you want to purchase high-quality, suitable, affordable and REAL auto parts from a trusted company - we are waiting for you!